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Friday, October 21, 2005

Highlight is Cool, Dragging is Sweet

Few weeks ago, Robert Knight has implemented formula editing with color syntax highlighting (in KSpread). Not only that, ranges referred in the formula can be modified by dragging the size grip:

SVN users can already enjoy this. Or, just wait for KOffice 1.5 next year.

Thanks to Robert, now we're on par with Excel.


Tom Deblauwe said...


I am wondering, why do we always have to edit formulas in ONE line, can we do something about that too? just a thought :) it would give a better overview of things, especially with complex formula's.

Robert Knight said...

>why do we always have to edit >formulas in ONE line

I thought about that too. KOffice has a great formula editing part called KFormula. It is mainly used for embedding formulae in word documents or presentations. I think it would be great if that could be used to enter formulae in KSpread.

I should mention for anyone who is working with SVN builds that the dragging aspect needs work. Only the bottom-right corner of the selection can be adjusted at the moment, and there is no way of moving the region as a block. I hope to have these sorted by the time the first betas appear.