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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Afraid or Not?

This is another joke.

At a company picnic, the CEO wanted to hold a little game. After asked for attention, he started his speech, "People, it is often said that we, the men in the family, are afraid of our spouses. Is that really true? Or is it only a myth? Well, let us now experience the moment of truth."

"For all the women, please let go your husbands for a while. Come on guys, come forward! For those who are afraid of your wives, just stand up next to me, on my left side. For those who aren't, on my right side."

It took a while until all the married men lined themselves. After some chaotic movements, in the end only one cool-looking guy stood to the right of the CEO. This stunned everybody.

The CEO approached him. "So, you are the best among us. You are the only who dare to stand here, while others had chosen another path. How come?"

"No idea", the guy gave a calm answer, "my wife told me I must stand here".

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