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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Reaper 3-D: Flight Combat

This Reaper 3-D, an open-source spaceship combat game seems to be underrated. It is of the same style as Terminal Velocity, but with better goodies such as improved 3-D ground objects (instead of flat, sprite-based ones like in TV). The OpenGL-based graphics is amazing, though it lacks the fast-paced background music which - in TV - pumps the adrenalin faster and faster. And granted, it has not been updated anymore since few years ago although the last release was still fun enough to play.

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Give it a try!

1 comment:

Noxious Ninja said...

This needs some manpower... I loved TV. A high-quality OSS remake/sequel would be great.

I don't have time to try it out right now; how far is this thing developed?