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Friday, January 06, 2006

Prototype in Office

Jensen Harris has revealed how the initial design of Microsoft Office 12 user interface has something to do with paper prototyping. Interesting to notice, because creating mock-up using paper prototype has been covered before by Ellen. Perhaps we should do it for the next generation of KOffice?

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Thomas Zander said...

Paper prototypes implies 2 things; the designs are drawn by the designer of the new functionality and the usability expert is in the same room as the test-subject.
Very very hard to do over the internet.

I personally prefer to make mockups in Designer. I do it quicker than on paper and I can make it actually interact so I can sent a clickable ui-file over the internet.

Naturally thats personal, but I do feel paper prototypes are for people that just don't have an application as powerful as QtDesigner :)