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Monday, March 13, 2006

Numeric Entry with Pop-up Slider

Although typically I like slider, sometimes it is not practical to use because of space constraint. When a horizontal slider, for example becomes, narrow and narrower, it is difficult to get a fine tune movement.

The solution that I am still experimenting with is to use a pop-up slider. This is mostly seen in the volume applet, but, hey, let us try it somewhere else:

So by clicking on the down button (forget about the ugly pixmap), a slider will pop-up and let the user adjust the value by moving the slider handle. The slider will automagically disappear if the user clicks anywhere else, just like typical pop-up menu.

I am not really surprised if usability-wise, this kind of pop-up slider is not usable at all. However, if there is interest, I'll put the code online (it's only couple of hundred lines anyway).


Anonymous said...

We've had exactly such a slider for a month or so in Krita already :-)

Jakob Petsovits said...

These sliders are also extensively used in PaintShop Pro, but there you don't have to click on the arrow, then on the slider, instead dragging begins when you press the arrow. Likewise, the slider immediately disappears when releasing the mouse button.

I find this very handy, I would certainly welcome such a slider in kdelibs.