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Saturday, October 07, 2006

too many lines will kill you

Serenity by Maxilys is a unique style in a sense that the widgets do not have the common bevels used to give the 3-d illusion. Instead, almost everything is painted with a kind of color gradient.


Another interesting point in this style is some different variants of the progress bar:

Senerity progress bar

If you're on SUSE, use Smart to install Serenity from standard Guru channel.


Anonymous said...

Switched to it already. Cool style!

Anonymous said...

Does this happen to have its GTK counterpart?

Daniel D. said...

Tryed to use it, but just can't come to terms with gray inactive tabs area.

On the other hand, simply love the pull-down (combo box?) widget.

All-in-all - a designer piece - you either live it or can't stand it. But, its a good piece.

Anonymous said...

You don't need a GTK counterpart; there's a Qt rendering style for GTK, which makes all Qt (KDE) themes work (mostly).