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Sunday, January 28, 2007


Here is another of my crime to Italian-style dish. Taste fresh and delicious (at least for me), suitable for vegetarians, and perfect for candle-light dinner.


Just like before, here I mixed it with non-Italian ingredients. As the filling for paccheri (you can also use the bigger canneloni), just put vegetables of your choice, chopped to fit the tube size. For non-vegetarians, you may add e.g. tuna slices. The new thing here is that I stuffed also very tasty tempe, fried and cut into small pieces. As usual, make tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes. Cover the paccheri with the sauce and put it in the oven, heat up to 200 C for quarter an hour. For cheese-lovers, add some parmesan. In the mean time, cut eggplant (yes, eggplant!) in lengths, leave the skin, and then fry the pieces in hot oil (with onions, ginger, chili, and others). Add garlic and lots of pepper, it makes the taste really fantastic. When it's ready, pour over some leftover of the tomate sauce, also add some olives and basil.

Finally serve your paccheri with the eggplant. You'll get different taste mixed together: sweet, hot, salty. Buon appetito!


Anonymous said...

Looks tasty :)

But where do you get real fresh tomatoes this time of year in germany? All I find are red plastic balls which only share the look with what I once got to know as tomatoes... :(

Ariya Hidayat said...

When you're lucky, in the fresh markets. But not-so-fresh tomatoes aren't too bad...