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Friday, January 25, 2008

EOS 450D

For those who were waiting for this Canon EOS 450D, finally it's out! There is a nice overview in, comparing 450D and 400D. Basically, it sports a 12 megapixel CMOS sensor, a SecureDigital card slot (instead of CompactFlash), larger viewfinder, large (3") display, 14-bit ADC, personalized menu, and many other interesting goodies.

Time to start hunting for the best bargains. So far, the EOS 450D body is available starting at EUR 649 and with 18-55mm lens kit starting at EUR 829.

(the image is a slightly modified version of flomar's DSLR camera)


Anonymous said...

If only they'd update the 5D!

David Sudjiman said...

Has live view and Digic 3 processor. Sweet!

This is BIG upgrade compared from 300 ->350 -> 400.

AU price @ the moment is 1500AUD with 18-55mm lens plus image stabilizer.

Teddy Widhi said...

aha ternyata suka photography juga yach.. :D klo saya sih pengen punya DSLR Nikon, pengennya yang D80 :D

But the EOS 450D have the new rival right now from Nikon D60.

Ok lets keep the linux+KDE 4.x....
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