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Sunday, January 13, 2008

KDE 4.0 on OpenSUSE 10.3

KDE 4.0 is doubtlessly the most discussed KDE release at the moment. Some praise it, some don't really favor it. But whether you're going to like it or not, it's worth to, at least, give it a try.

If you use OpenSUSE 10.3, installing KDE 4.0 is very easy, it's just one-click away! Simply click on the following icon:

Wait few minutes (or hours), then you'll get the desktop:

KDE 4.0 on OpenSUSE 10.2

Update: and add some plasmoids to get something like

Plasmoids on KDE 4.0


Anonymous said...

I wonder how many users will migrate from Kubuntu to openSUSE in next few months. KDE4 is hot, openSUSE support is really good and it will make an impact.

openSUSE (10.3) is not as well designed for desktop users as Ubuntu ( a) less resources, b) less vision IMO, maybe because there is less users contribution to this vision and wanted features) but Mark Shuttleworth made only one mistake. He chose as a base for desktop something witch is less focused on desktop users. :)

Anonymous said...

Not a good upgrade. Desktop icons were blank for printer, computer and trash. Attempts to create a new icon for an application led to crashes.

Needs more testing. Especially when someone has all the very latest updates and is not running the stock DVD installation only. It appears this is assumed.

But as a number of developers in other areas have said, 4.0 is not to be considered a finished product because it is only the underpinnings. The remainder of the programs have to be ported. So I am looking for more progress in 4.1 when I update OpenSuse 10.3 again and look at it.

Anonymous said...

same here. some icons on the desktop are missing. kmails icon magically disappeared in 4.0.0. and in search bar in the kickoff menu doesn't get cleared the next time you open it.

Anonymous said...

Hello, what's the name of the font you use in the Notetaking Plasmoid in the second screenshot?

Ariya Hidayat said...

@Anonymous: I doubt many will switch to OpenSUSE only because of KDE4.

@Nohair: There have been much discussion about this already. For the rough edges, wait a bit and most should be fixed. As for 4.1, likely it'll be OpenSUSE 11 rather than 10.3.

@Anonymous: see above.

@Anonymous: IIRC that was "Prime Minister of Canada"

Anonymous said...

How did you get that lancelot app launcher to expand. When I put it I only get teh cup not the rest. How did you ge tit to inlcude the rest.

Ariya Hidayat said...

@Anonymous: I didn't do anything special. I just added the Lancelot Launcher widget and that was what I got.

Anonymous said...

I've got it running on my openSUSE 10.3 boxes. Ridiculously easy to install, and pretty slick. Definitely rough around the edges, though. KIO slaves (trash:/, sysinfo:/, remote:/) don't seem to work (at least on the desktop icons, I get malformed URL errors), the "switch user" option in Kickoff still brings up the run command dialog, and I dearly miss being able to group similar items in the taskbar.

Also, am I doing something wrong, or is zooming out on the desktop useless?

But hey, it's a ".0.0" release for a reason. It definitely shows potential, it's definitely usable, and I can't wait to see where the good hackers in the community take things from here.

Anonymous said...

Installed as described above, but I having the same error with the final I had with the RCs:

"Could not start kstartupconfig4. Check your installation"

What's missing?

Ariya Hidayat said...

@jeffro: Few of the rough edges are fixed as soon as 4.0.1. As for the zoomout, it is useful for dual or triple monitor scenario.

@Anonymous: maybe 'rm -rf ~/.kde4' will help?

Anonymous said...

i tried installation of KDE4 on OpenSuse10.3. It works, but i have very frequent X-crashes. I have no idea how to fix this. Where should i look for help? KDE-community? Or OpenSuse?

thanks, walter - not a geek, but very curious

Ariya Hidayat said...

@walter: try

Anonymous said...

I installed KDE 4.0 through the 1-click setup. But when staring KDE 4.0 the following message gets displayed and my session ends :
"could not start d-bus
check your installation"

any idea ?

Anonymous said...

an D-BUS update provided by the suse updater solved my problem

Anonymous said...

Pak Arya, link nya kok nggak bisa yah