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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Yes, honey (or the beauty of double meaning)

A sunny morning in a small coffee shop.

"I'd like one chai latte, please".

The girl went on to prepare the order. After a while,

"Do you want honey or sugar?"
"Yes what?"
"Yes, honey."

One second passed. Then we shared a laugh.

(Just like in a [HB]ollywood movie)


Marcel said...

haha. nice one!

Daniel André said...

It must have been a hollywood movie, unless there was singing and dancing in the background afterwards :)

was it?

Anonymous said...

Had a similar experience once.

I was ordering a "Wiener-Schnitzel".
You can choose either pork or turkey hen.
So I said "a Wiener-Schnitzel, meat, please"

She glared at me confused.
So I repeated "meat, please" just realising seconds after what rubbish I was saying. Well it was a good laugh though.


Harry Sufehmi said...

Seems to be a phenomenon everywhere :)