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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

webkit dinner: gado-gado + nasi uduk

Nasi Uduk

Something I can always be proud of is to be part of the Nokia QtWebKit team. The fact that we are all the WebKit reviewers from Nokia (at the moment, surely the situation will improve in the future) is one thing, but most important is that the team is small and agile, and it comprises great hackers. You surely already hear a lot from Simon, Tor Arne, and Kent these days, and you will hear from the new blood pretty soon, too.

The least we can do for such great coworkers is to offer them a bit of culinary journey to our culture. Hence, the so-called WebKit dinner. As much as I love Italian food, such as pizza, it's also time for a change.

The starter was Gado-gado, which is just vegetable salad served with peanut sauce as the dressing. The main dish consisted of fish curry (generously contributed by Kavindra) and Nasi Uduk. The latter, which is shown in the photo above, is rice cooked with (among others) coconut milk served with sliced omelette, fried tofu, chicken, fish, and vegetables. A lot of other slight variations also exist. Original (from Sidoarjo) prawn crackers, aka Krupuk, completed the experience.

Dessert? Not forgotten. It was basically just fresh waffles (like I blogged before) served with the sauce made from brown sugar and coconut milk. Let's say it's the European interpretation of Serabi.

Tasty. What else does a man want?


Ronald Widha said...

you're making me hungry!

nanda said...

> Tasty. What else does a man want?

A wife, maybe? ;)

Daniel Albuschat said...

I love waffles so much, I tend to eat as much of them as I can stuff in, so it's not suitable as a dessert for me, but is usually the main dish ;-D