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Monday, October 17, 2005

Help! I can't run my program!

I do not know who invented this trick for the first time.

First, choose your victim and get access to her/his computer. Next, launch an image editing tool, e.g. Gimp. Take a screenshot of her/his desktop, select one of the shortcut icons (preferably the favorite one, of course) as the bait, and copy this icon. Find out the real background image/wallpaper, duplicate it to a new file, load this into your image editor. Put the wonderful icon that you just copied (from the desktop screenshot), place it on the new image, save it. Now, change the background image/wallpaper to this booby trap. The chosen icon/bait still appears twice, one as the real shortcut and the other embodied in the background. Delete the shortcut and you are ready.

When your victim wants to use the computer back, and s/he tries to click the shortcut icon to launch the program, of course it will not work! In fact, s/he just hits emtpy space...


Mebrelith Lord of Thingamajigs said...

A long time ago in a computer far far away I had this funky screensaver that did pretty much the same. Upon activation it would take a snapshot of the desktop and then use it as display. The trick was that the screensaver was programmed to ignore mouse movement so it would just sit there where you left it. you had to press a special combination of keys to get out of it. It was fun as hell.

Roberto said...

Blah. I just stuck a cron job that does/undoes a xrandr -x (or -y) at display :0 every 12 minutes.

Toni said...

take the screenshot, use it a desktop background, hide desktop icons, hide any panel. Get some good laugh! :D

Work best with Windows :p