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Monday, October 17, 2005

Next Level, Slipstream, Flying Daggers, Hostage

xXx: Next Level was a big disappointment (and I hope they bring back Vin Diesel for third installment, if they ever want to make it). Unbelievable storyline can be forgiven, but not the one-liners and poor casts. Xzibit's appearance was perhaps entertaining, especially for those who watch MTV PMR regularly.

Slipstream's idea was not genuine and hence many parts were very much predictable. I mean, if you have a time-machine (or a prototype thereof, whatever) and your beloved died, what you would do can be guessed easily.

House of Flying Daggers was nice and as usual, full of colors. But do not expect the same level (of anything, including the fight scenes) to that of Hero or Tiger and Dragon. Hopefully the next Hollywood wuxia movie will be better.

Hostage was supposed to be a thriller, fortunately it didn't expose the action parts too much. Although it was also not too complicated, it still made me want to read the novel.

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