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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

KOffice in LinuxTag 2006

LinuxTag is a free software expo held every year in Germany. This year it will be in Wiesbaden, May 3-6. As usual, KDE will also have a booth, at Hall 9, Booth 938.

I'll give a talk about KOffice - mostly of course on the fresh KOffice 1.5 as well as some live demo - on Wednesday (May 3), right between Jacqueline's and Kurt's klik. Check the the summary and drop by if you are interested in.

Any other KOffice developers will be there?


Thomas Zander said...

/me holds up hand!

Yeah, I'll be at the increasingly incorrectly named linuxTag the whole week. So, I'll see you around :)

pipitas said...

Heya --

good that you mentioned it in your blog... because I didn't know yet that I would give a klik talk at LinuxTag. Last I heard (about 5 weeks ago) was that my proposal had not yet decided about :-)

See you there then!