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Monday, May 01, 2006

Savin' me: Part II

spoiler warning!

Since the first time I liked Nickelback`s Savin' me, I was wondering how the video would be. Yesterday for the first time I saw it on MTV (you can find it also in YouTube) and it was very good. That is a music video.

A guy was almost hit by the bus when making a phone call. But he was saved, pulled from the street by someone. Right after that, he started to see countdown numbers on top of everybody's head. As he experienced soon, this is actually the remaining life's time. He could notice that (surprisingly) he did not have any numbers floating on his head.

In the final part of the video clip, this guy saved a woman who wanted to get in to her car but suddenly the car got crushed seconds after. From that point, the woman now started to see the countdown...

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Anonymous said...

that music video was amazing. it really made me think that we really need to realize that our lives go by really quickly. and that we dont have much time here on earth. that video really made me think of that. i think that it fit the song well and that it was just amazing. i love nickelback. that is one of their best videos yet in my opinion.