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Friday, February 15, 2008

Karbon and WPG

After Inkscape, (Novell edition, ooo-build), and Abiword, Karbon in the next KOffice 2.x joins the array of open-source software which is, by using libwpg, able to import clip-arts in WordPerfect Graphics (WPG) formats. Since any Karbon drawings can be embedded in a document, of course this means you can attach and insert WPG clip-arts in a text document, a spreadsheet, or a presentation.

(There is still a rendering problem in Karbon as seen in the comparison screenshot. Hopefully will be fixed as it is approaching the release).


wmhilton said...

Even though there is a rendering error on the petals, I like the Karbon rendering much better than OOo's. The Karbon one looks smoother, maybe it's anti-aliased better or something? Looks good.

Ariya Hidayat said...

@kwilliam: Yes, OO will support anti-aliased rendering only in the next version.

Anonymous said...

great work!

by the way, openoffice is damn ugly :S

Ethan Anderson said...

Jack of all DE's, master of none. I remember when Firefox was ugly.
..gnome scim still doesn't work, but they've made huge leaps forward.

I use abiword more these days simply because of the performance difference between compiled C(++)/GTK+ and Java/swing.

And openoffice won't work with the global menu bar in gnome and kde, which I must have, when it's merged.

Ariya Hidayat said...

@Ethan Anderson: But which office suite uses Swing? OO surely does not.

Anonymous said...


I guess ElOffice ( ) does though looking at the screenshots I am not that sure there if it's really 1.6-Swing or SWT.