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Saturday, March 01, 2008

sushi factory bremen

If you happen to be in Bremen, give Sushi Factory a try. It is located right in downtown (see on Google Maps) and easily reachable. The soy sauce is a bit salty for me, but otherwise everything else if fine. The place is cozy. The atmosphere is relaxing. The rolls are of course tasty although they are rather not so cheap. Still, there is a nice bargain for a lunch pack.


Anonymous said...

Cool! Thanks :]

I'll bookmark it for when I happen to pass Bremen. It's always nice to know such small good and affordable dining tips (e.g. WokToWalk in Amsterdam).

Ariya Hidayat said...

@hook: note that this one is not necessarily cheap, though.

Anonymous said...

@ariya: well, still good to know a good place to eat ;)

Ardho said...

nanti kalo saya kebetulan kesana.. kopdar aja sekalian.. :P


hehe.. salam kenal! ;)