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Monday, June 29, 2009

quattro cinque due

Again the freshly baked: Qt 4.5.2.

Details on the changes in this release is available in the changes-4.5.2 file. As for QtWebKit, some weeks ago I played the patch monkey role and did backport and test a number of critical fixes from WebKit trunk, among others stuff related to canvas, memory access and leaks, rendering painting and performance, JavaScript, plugin handling, clipboard, SVG, and many others. In addition Simon also tackled the backporting of various security fixes.

Overall, 4.5.2 seems to be a solid patch release. An upgrade from 4.5.x is highly recommended.

In a related note, Qt Creator 1.2 was also out. It brings a better fakevim plugin, regex search/replace, and numerous other improvements. Grab it while it's hot.

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Anonymous said...

Does the controls (seeking, volume...) now work with HTML 5 videos (wikimedia commons, tinyvid)?