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Saturday, July 11, 2009

paella de marisco

Seafood Paella

Also known as seafood paella, something we tried when we were in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. Now I am motivated to cook it myself, sometime in the near future, in particular since I am also a fan of mussels.


Boudewijn said...

One thing I've found when making paella myself is that it's important to fry the saffron, instead of steeping it in water and then using both water and saffron (which works for some other dishes, like stuffed guinea fowl).


Kromain said...

mmmmm, that pic looks yummy ;)
Next time you should also try Arroz Negro, it's a kind of paella too but they use squid ink instead of saffron, which makes the dish all black, and it has all sorts of seafood in it too. It's excellent !

ZeD said...

If you like mussels, you *must* try la teglia di patate riso e cozze (potatoes, rice and mussels, preferably to say all in one word as in "pataterisoeccozze" as in this video - min 1:10 ~ 1:26)

Anonymous said...

PlanetKde is looking like planetGnome. It has nothing related to Kde.

Ariya Hidayat said...

Thanks for the hints, guys!

BTW, since when Planet KDE has something to do with KDE?

Anonymous said...

It is called "Paella de mariscos" (don't forget the final S, marisco is a singular word, mariscos is plural in spanish). Paella is called when it cointains seefood, chicken and rice. If it doesn't have chicken it's not a Paella, it's a "Casuela de mariscos".

Just being informative here hehe.