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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

parijs van java

Somehow the wind finally leads me to Bandung, the place where I spent years studying at ITB. While still trying to absorb all the deja-vu sensations (last time I was here, when I left the place, was 6 years ago!), nothing beats having breakfast (and potentially also lunch and dinner later on) in one of those food stalls. Since I promised to write about my culinary excitement, here is one to pollute the planets (the aggregated blogs, not our blue marble): Kupat Tahu. Essentially it is fried tofu, bean sprouts, and lontong (compressed rice) served with peanut sauce and some crackers. That makes it for a good breakfast.

kupat tahu bandung

I will be in Bandung today and tomorrow, mostly just around the university. If you are around and want to have a chat, feel free to drop me an email!


pebbie said...

welcome back!

stwn said...

Dear Ariya,

I am wondering what digital camera are you using right now, I have seen a lot of photos at your flickr, a lot of them has nice quality, Just tried to find exif data, unfortunatelly flickr has removed it :(


Ariya Hidayat said...

@stwn: It's Canon EOS 400D.

idud said...

Lontong atau ketupat (kupat), ya? Visual observations show that the two are different.

Anonymous said...

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mopheat said...

Good Shoot. Good Nationality ...I'm proud of you..., I'm Indonesian people