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Thursday, October 14, 2010

yet another command-line JavaScript beautifier (based on V8)

While we're still on the topic of JavaScript, I took the afternoon break to create a command-line runner for . In case you miss it, I did the similar thing using Qt Script module. This time however, the command-line tool uses and exploits Google V8 instead.

If you update your clone of js-beautify repository, check out the fresh v8 subdirectory. I also mirror the code in the usual X2 repository, under the javascript/jsbeautify8 subdirectory. Also, grok the included README.txt first.

Update: I added --overwrite option which (surprise!) will overwrite the original source file (and thus, use it with care). This is useful if you invoke the beautifier tool from your text editor. Nicolas also implemented various settings support so you can specify the indentation level, braces placement, etc.

This is probably the last thing the world needs now, but hey, it was a fun break.

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