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Monday, October 29, 2007

PictureFlow on real device (or CoverFlow on Chumby)

Update: see also PictureFlow running on different mobile devices, from Greenphone to HTC smartphones.

Chumby is a new hardware widget with open systems design. Jesper recently showed how to put Qt on Chumby, along with PictureFlow, as can be seen in his YouTube video:

Chumby is not even yet available on stores, you got it only if you're an insider. And it's like only a week after I placed the code of PictureFlow on the net. And with Jesper's nice work, this cool little Chumby has already CoverFlow-like effect on par with iPod.

It is also a proof that PictureFlow's performance is satisfactory even on portable device. Chumby has only a 300Mhz ARM9 processor, but the effect is quite smooth.

So, who's next?


Anonymous said...

It's time to utilize your N800 now :-)

Jesper T. said...

The performance is actually very smooth in real life. Without any real changes to the code at all, and considering the hardware limitations, the performance of this widget on the Chumby is quite amazing.

Keep up the good work! :)

Anonymous said...

Qt on CHUMBY!!! I have an insider code, which I've been contemplating using. This is a really ++ to get a chumby now.

Ariya Hidayat said...

@mohammad: you bet, though I'm still looking for excuses to get N810 :-)

@jesper: now we can request multi-core version of chumby, would be cool, wouldn't it?

@seb ruiz: you're going to port amarok to chumby, aren't you?

Anonymous said...

For the record:
Works great and runs smooth on a Greenphone.
Maybe this could also be integrated in the Qtopia Mediaplayer.

Ariya Hidayat said...

@anonymous: great to know! care to post a picture, screencast or video?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ariya

I just tried this on an HTC Touch (200 MHz Windows Mobile) using Qt/WinCE and it's great!

Runs smooth and is very responsive. I'm very impressed. I'll put a blog up on the TT labs when we've got some video and screenshots.

Espen Riskedal

espen said...

Promised you a video and blog. Well here they are:

Enjoy :D

espen said...

Hmm, seems to cut the http links. Here is the youtube link:

Just a Nice Friend said...

Woi.. I am proud to know that the creator of this program is an Indonesian. It works like a charm for few pictures in memory, but when I tried it on storage card contains approximately 70 picts, it freeze. Keep good works bro..

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