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Thursday, November 08, 2007

PictureFlow on another real device (or Cover Flow for HTC Touch)

Update: see also PictureFlow running on different mobile devices.

HTC Touch is a touch-screen smartphone running Windows Mobile 6.0. It is armed with 200 MHz 32bit Texas Instruments OMAP 850 processor and 2.8 inch color transflective 240 x 320 screen. Like other Windows Mobile devices, HTC Touch is interesting because Qt runs also there, using Qt/WinCE.

After Chumby, HTC Touch is another real device that enjoys Apple-like Cover Flow effect, of course by using PictureFlow. Espen recently showed PictureFlow running on his HTC Touch, as can be seen in his YouTube video:

"Awesome", according to him. We trust you, Espen :-)

Now I know that someone must have tried this on the Greenphone. Can anyone give a video or even a picture?

(Picture from HTC Touch product page)


Anonymous said...

Hello Aryia,

I finally took the time to upload a video of PictureFlow running on a Greenphone to YouTube:

(Also reminds me of getting a better camera...)


Ariya Hidayat said...

Jott: thanks a lot, that's very nice of you!