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Monday, June 01, 2009

all the blessings in May

I was sadly too lazy to update this blog. My only excuse is because there were many good things happened last month. The context here is of course Qt Software and Qt in general.

First thing first: we just open our source code repository. It's git, and it is hosted at You can track every single commit from the engineers inside Qt Software, fantastic to see how certain bug is fixed and to localize regression breakage. For more goodies in the repository, check out what Benjamin, an ex-troll, has written.

But the beauty does not stop here. Now we are also accepting external contributions to Qt. It means that you can help us fixing bugs and implementing features. Read and digest the Contribution Guidelines to find out how. Since the repository was opened, every cool kid and his dogs have cloned it like crazy and we even have merged some of the contributions.

The domino effect. Since now we have the infrastructure on Gitorious, the project repository for Qt/S60 was going public, too. The repository is at I can imagine that this will be valuable for all the S60 fans out there, not only for Nokia platforms, but for other S60 devices e.g. for Samsung. If you see their video, you realize now what my PictureFlow Everywhere vision all about :-)

It does not stop there. Some research projects are moving towards more openness. Check for example the really cool multi-touch support being worked on by Brad. Also, the brand-new Declarative User Interface project, a concept of making good looking, fluid user interface via a non-imperative description of the interface. Both projects can be tracked from the repositories at and, respectively.

Two bleeding-edges frameworks slated for Qt 4.6, Animation and State Machine, were finally merged into qt/master. If you love to compile Qt on a daily basis, you can really start to use both frameworks for your upcoming cool applications.

Last but not least, do not miss the Qt Mobility project announcement. The project aims to offer good API to access mobile functionalities, both for Nokia and non-Nokia platforms. The first set of API for Service Framework was going public already. Check its repository at

Along with our successful visit to Pycon Tre Italia, can you see now how last month I got adrenalin kicks on a daily basis?

I of course do not abandon Graphics Dojo corner. Expect few cool things coming out in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

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