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Wednesday, November 02, 2005


As I expected before, DOOM: The Movie was quite awesome. OK, as in the game, the story was rather weak. Often, it was quite predictable as well, e.g. that additional extra chromosome pair would apparently lead to something (although thumbs-up for mentioning Lucy).

The film is definitely more enjoyable for those who had experienced the game. The appearance of typical-scientist Dr. Carmack was a nod to John Carmack, this trivia would be hardly known if you are never exposed to iD Software. And Dr. Willits - for the famous DOOM levels designer Tim Willits - was also there (one may wonder though, where is Dr. Romero? :-P). Few minutes scene which was entirely in first-person perspective surely would be appreciated by the DOOM lovers. And of course, everybody has been waiting for that BFG show.

So, are we going to see Quake: The Movie soon?

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halcyonCorsair said...

I found the movie to be rather disappointing. Especially in consideration of the fact that Doom3 had a stronger story than this movie.

A game with a stronger story than a movie, that surely shouldn't happen right?

Dr. Carmack - "Shut it down! Its inside!".

Shut what down? Is this a carryover from the game that doesn't make sense or what?

Even if they'd just cleaned up the intelligence of the dialogue a little, explained the 'tragedy' from Reaper's past, and fixed a few other things I think it could have been a far more enjoyable movie.