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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Mission Impossible 3.0

Yes, Tom Cruise wants to catch up with the (amazing) 3.x series of KDE :-P

Mission: Impossible III will be out next summer. The teaser is already available, unfortunately nothing else has been revealed so far. Judging from the teaser, quite likely it will be the same like the last two: full of action and with boring plot. Frankly, I was quite disappointed that Ethan Hunt became more a 007-style agent, rather than one belongs to a group with astonishing teamwork skills. Let see what will happen to Ethan this time.

Trailer MI3

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The Man said...

i totaly agree, i have the same comments, they are missing with the original formaula, it about the mission, its about the team, and it is never personal and it never about family, and it is never a one man show.