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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Last Minute Function Tip

Since everyone seems to have last minute feature for KOffice, I also want to have one. So, here it is:

When autocompletion pop-up appears, choosing one of the item will also shows the description of function. I'm still playing around regarding the tip position, though. Where is the best place to put it?

This is just the next logical step after that function autocomplete.


Anonymous said...

> Where is the best place to put it?

I think directly to the right of the autocomplete popup.

See the Eclipse IDE (autocompleting Java functions) for an example of the same layout.


Anonymous said...

directly under the popup, and if there is not enough room available there, right of the popup

Anonymous said...

It would also be cool if the tooltips would automatically try to avoid hiding cells that contain text.

Jure "JLP" Repinc said...

I also think that the right position is to the right or bellow. If there is no place I would put it to the left.

Brian Oxley said...

Likewise, check what IntelliJ IDEA does in this regard.