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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Glass Experience

Using Slackware-based Looking Glass Live CD, it was very interesting to watch the expression of some guys when I booted a fairly modern NVidia-equipped desktop with it. I even still considered burning some more CDs and give them to people that I know.

Now came XLG XGL and AIGL. Wouldn't be beautiful if we have a working Live CD which just can be handed to any average Joe Sixpack? I'm not the only one who is looking for it, and I'm sure there are many. Though there is possibility of using Dapper Flight (I still need to give it a try), a simple ready-to-burn-and-boot ISO file would really please me since I can as well point the URL to others.


Anonymous said...

you need to try PCLinux OS. It is a great KDE based destop version of linux on a Livecd. It is already set up and configured and worked like a charm to me. nice HD installation also. Firefox & Thunderbird are all ready installed along with java. there are a few dirrerent version of the iso, the regular one, one with ATI video drivers already installed, and two differnt Nvidia version. Can you beat that, the accelerated openGl video driver already installed.
Check it out at

You will not find a better reason to enter and Stay in the world of Open Source Software.


Ariya Hidayat said...

ronny: thanks for the correction.

Anonymous said...