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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Look ma, no extension!

Unlike Firefox which needs an extension (as mentioned by ThomasZ just now), KDE's Konqueror users can happily and easily view OpenDocument files thanks to the integration between KOffice and the rest of KDE. A simple click on the ODF file is all that is needed.

Left side: Browse the document folder with Konqueror, and the click on the file.
Right side: OO.o Calc is used to create the test file.


Anonymous said...

This is good.

But why does Konqueror insist on embedding things by default?

The only thing about Konqueror which really drives me nuts is having to click the middle mouse button to actually open a file in the default application.

I realise this probably is not your fault!

Please please can this change in KDE4...


Anonymous said...

But you can change the default allready, just edit the file association and you will see a second tab that controls whether the default for left click is to open or embed. And embed is a good default, most people like it.

Anonymous said...

Imagine Firefox loading file in embeded OO.o instance. Now, THAT is memory hog :)

Anonymous said...

Only for simpler sheets. I mostly use complex (colors, borders, formulas, well not so complex) and KOffice doesn't handle ODF files apropriately. Borders are still an issue and some times KSpread doesn't recalculate all cells (I filed bug reports on these).

Of course it's a no brainer to create a simple sample like you did and show it works. But the reality is another. I would really like to use KOffice, but until problems are fixed I would have to stick to OpenOffice. I would prefer not.

Anonymous said...

embedding everything in konqueror is one of those things which sound like a good idea but are IMHO a very, very bad idea. in my opinion the worst aspect of konqueror usability right now.

anyway, using GNOME now, so you can ignore me :-)
but i hope KDE devs will think about these kind of things seriously for kde4.