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Saturday, August 12, 2006

no-install calculator

Want to try another type of desktop calculator? Just klik://speedcrunch.

I just tried it on SUSE 10.1 and it works flawlessly. It is also reported to work on Kubuntu, Ubuntu and Kanotix. If you do not have klik yet, it's very easy to prepare. For other details, check also

Happy no-installing.


Anonymous said...

Speedcrunch comes as the default calculator in Kubuntu already.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. You had me thinking this was some new thing with javascript and kde technology or something, that really didn't require any installation. Normal klik stuff is still an install, just a non-interfering install.

Anonymous said...

Wonderfull work in SpeedCrunch.
I did a post in my blog about the SpeedCrunch.
Check out: