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Monday, August 07, 2006

Swift: KDE trace on Win32

The next KDE 4 is expected to be available also for Windows. But even now we can see already a trace of KDE technologies on this platform: Swift the web browser. It's based on Webkit, which is based on KDE's very own KHTML and KJS.

The alpha release itself is not ready yet for prime time. It has bugs and rough edges and many stuff necessary for modern web browsing are not yet fully functional. But it's indeed a start.

Like its name, it's simply very fast.

Swift browser


Anonymous said...

I'd say KDE*libs4* are coming to win32 (plus some apps), not KDE4 itself. If D in KDE stands for Desktop, Plasma and other Desktop stuff AFAIK is not going to replace already-existing Explorer shell (at least in the official release).

Anonymous said...

The KDE 4 Goals page on the KDE wiki lists the evaluation of ports of KDE parts to Windows. Do you mean to say that the evaluation step has been done and it is now expected to be ported, whether it's all or libs4+? Or perhaps this evaluation is still even somewhat tentative at this point?

Anonymous said...


great to see a version of WebKit on windows

now web developers on windows at least have the option to check how their sites will look or at least an easier way of verifying bugs Safari/Konqueror users report to them.

This is definately "A Good Thing" TM

Priyadi said...

wow, didn't know about swift before. this is a boon for windows developers who need to check how their web pages look in Konqy or Safari.