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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Turbo comeback

I was late to realize that the legendary Turbo products will be back in 13 days. So far Turbo Delphi, Turbo C++, Turbo Delphi .NET and Turbo C# will be offered, with the EXP edition that can be downloaded and used for free. Although this is surely interesting, especially for the hobbyists, I reckon many would be very happy if the Linux version is also available (either "pure" or through Wine). Even better when Borland/Devco can as well decide to create Turbo Python or Turbo Ruby :-)

If you're feeling nostalgic and can't wait, even today you can already perfectly run the free downloadable Turbo C++ 1.01 in a Dosbox session (try it in fullscreen!). Of course this version is considered ancient, but it works well and it is still useful to quickly try new stuff (or cross-compile for DOS).

BTW, that Delphi Oktoberfest video is quite original. Try not to read the subtitle :-)

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