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Monday, September 04, 2006

Patient and R6

To spark again my interest on 3-d programming, I decided to buy some games. Since I know a bit about the Quake engine, I wanted then to try something not based on it. And it doesn't need to be new. I am not a gamer, I just enjoy the technologies behind a game.

So when I looked around in a consumer electronic shop, I spotted Raven Shield, the third installment of Rainbow Six, that is using the Unreal engine. It was sold at a very cheap price. Looks perfect. Ghost Recon was also available at a special discount, but then I thought two might be too many. So I happily grabbed Raven Shield, went home and gave it a try. I found that it is very similar indeed to Counter-Strike, so no difficulty so far. The characters are also familiar, since for quite some time ago I finished almost all Tom Clancy's novels.

A few days later, while shopping in a big supermarket, I stumbled to a corner where old games were offered. The price was even more unbelievable, half of what I paid for Raven Shield. I doubt that it can even cover the CD and packaging cost. So I searched for something interesting and finally got Vietcong and Splinter Cell. Just before I left, (to my surprise) a box which looked very familiar caught my attention. It is nothing but that Raven Shield! So, if I can wait a few days, I'd get it cheaper. What a coincidence.

But it did not stop there. Last week when I searched for some reading, a game magazine looked quite interesting to me. I wanted to buy it until I realized that this magazine includes a full version of Raven Shield and Ghost Recon! These are exactly what I wanted the week before. It took couple of minutes until I could decide not to buy that magazine. I somehow believe that in few weeks, there will be another magazine which includes only Ghost Recon.

After all, perhaps all I need is just a magazine subscription.

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