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Monday, October 16, 2006

the glassy nuance

Another visually appealed style I would like to feature is Polyester from mart. It joins another interesting KDE styles with also interesting names (remember Liquid, Keramik, Plastik?). Polyester has a matching window decoration and some choices of color schemes.

The distinct look of this style is the glass rendering of push buttons, combo box, tab bar, menu bar, list view header, and even window titlebar. Nice, isn't it?



Anonymous said...

That is the style that I use. My only complaint is with the window decoration buttons. I don't like their color--the silver/gray against the blue bar. I use a different windeco theme instead.

Ariya Hidayat said...

Andrew: perhaps if you notice the author, the colors can be configured in the next version

Phok: agree, but the problem is if we include new styles then there can be too many (total styles), and if we remove the legacy ones, the users of these styles might complain

Anonymous said...

great style - should have "space saving menus option" - e.g. lipstik; I'm not happy with window decoration it needs more polish

Anonymous said...

Andrew: the color of the titlebar button can be configured in the global colors settings (Active/Inactive title button)

Perhaps I should use some other defaults as colors/ titlebar style settings, but I wanted to keep a consistent style between the widget and titlebar styles.
some examples of different combination can be found at
which is better?