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Thursday, October 05, 2006

take back the fish

No doubt I love fish. Since many Europeans will eat fish on Friday, here is another one: ikan bumbu kecap or fish in soy sauce.

ikan bumbu kecap

The irresistible sauce is an ancient secret. Long time ago it was revealed to me by my mother, who got it from her grandmother, who somehow (so I was told) got it from her ancestor. Basically you heat a little amount of oil, throw in lots of fresh garlic slices and after some time, add the sweet soy sauce until you get the unmistakable smell. Add some chili, chopped onions, and ginger to taste. Beware though (very much like coding), the algorithm looks ridiculously trivial but the implementation can be horrible.

The fish is simply fried. When it is ready, pour over the prepared sauce. Few additional drops of tomate sauce is also harmless. Make sure this makes your mouth water, and then serve!

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Anonymous said...

This looks lovely. must try!