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Friday, November 10, 2006

KOffice in LinuxUser

The November edition of LinuxUser features, among others, a review of six alternatives to OpenOffice: Applixware, Siag Office, Softmaker Office, Thinkfree Office, Gnome Office and of course our beloved KOffice.

KOffice is praised for the perfect KDE integration, its resource friendliness, the comprehensive functionalities and the outlook of its future development.

Granted, it was for KOffice 1.5.2 (although we already have 1.6 and even 1.6.1 soon), probably because KOffice 1.6 was not released yet at the time of the review. Nevertheless, that does not stop the good closing words:

Für Privateanwender bietet einzig KOffice eine echte Alternative zu OpenOffice.


Anonymous said...

It's nice that they recommended KOffice. However I wouldn't recommend reading that review. They barely wrote anything about KOffice, much less than about the other offices.
But at the end of the article they surprisingly praise KOffice as "the only alternative to OpenOffice".

Anonymous said...

i like open office.i think its better than ms office :)

Anonymous said...

Been using openoffice for several months, started in winxp, pretty there. Then went to ununtu 6.06 64 bit, got noticeably difficult in saving a file to backup usb, but useable. Then I upgraded to Kubuntu. Then the sky fell. It does not crash but in saving backup to two usbs it just became cryptic. If you're not very very careful you're going to lose files because it gives no caution about wrong clicks it just goes ahead overwrites what you are not even using. And finding your two usbs in my context, you end up writing notes to yourself before you can get it set up. First time I spent an hour getting it right and then couldn't remember what exactly I had done to get it to work. This is just a very poor case of weak design.

Now for a question. If I go to KOffice, is it compatible with all the files I've created in Kubuntu? Or do I have to go back to windows to do my work? Since I don't intend to keep trying to deal with this mindless design.