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Monday, May 14, 2007

On these hands and knees I'm crawlin'

Time flies. KOffice sprint weekend in Berlin was just over. I couldn't believe I was on my bed again this morning. It was lots of fun, plenty of food, interesting talks, endless excitement, and most importantly, I got to see many great fellow KOffice hackers in real-life.

In terms of lines of code, I wasn't that productive. But I did managed to fix the annoying column/row resizing tip in KSpread and cleaned up some stuff so that krazy score is going to the sane level again. I checked our list of bugs and already had plan for few of them. The unit test for some spreadsheet functions would hopefully get some love as well. Also, thanks to our filter framework, I could work on a Karbon filter even before Karbon 2.0 is 100% ready. And I promised jaham that I'll help with the SVG to/from ODG stuff. There was also a buzz to finally start really using my latest work on KoXmlReader for all KOffice ODF loading code so that we won't have problem with memory consumption again when working with big documents.

For more details, summary and pictures, see KOffice ODF Sprint Kickoff on the Dot™. Update: and also KOffice ODF Sprint Report.

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