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Monday, November 19, 2007

SpeedCrunch: "Nona" edition

SpeedCrunch version 0.9 has just been released. The improvements are not really user visible, but check the ChangeLog and fixed bugs, nevertheless. Also, this release is available in 17 languages (and contributions are welcomed).

Source tarball and Windows installer are ready for consumption. Go to and get it while it's hot. Binary packages for major Linux distributions usually follow soon.

And now that the first ever release of KDE 4 is on the horizon, it's time to think to start enabling KDE integration in SpeedCrunch.

Note: Nona is nine ninth in Portuguese.


Anonymous said...

Actually, nine is "nove" in Portuguese. "Nona" would be ninth, as in the ninth version, so it's still okay ;-)

Ariya Hidayat said...

@anonymous: ah my sloppy typing. thanks for correction!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any plan to add a RPN mode to speedcrunch?
Or alternatively (if hell freezes over and I manage to do it despite my atrophied attention span), would you accept a patch to add such a mode?

Anonymous said...

Actually, "nona" is a ninth related to a female target.
Regarding a male target it would become "nono".