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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

every night has its dawn

You learn that you can be friends with those who do not always share your thoughts, because differences are not obstacles to a mutual respect. But you get to know others who, for whatever reason it might be, always try to convince every soul in this planet that their opinions are the best. You learn the magical meaning behind loyalty, for you go along with those with whom you can trust your life. Yet you uncover the secret of betrayal and meet those who do not hesitate to stab you in the back when an opportunity present itself.

You know those who do many different things for the sake of the humanity. You also meet those who tend to keep everything, often not only their belongings, for themselves. You learn that sharing your knowledge is the best way to advance the human civilization. However, some prefer to keep the charms and spells in their own vault as if they are not aware that great minds think alike.

You learn that your good intentions are sometimes misunderstood - and that sometimes you wonder 'where did I go wrong'. But somehow, there are still some others who are always full of mercy, as giving a benefit of doubt is more challenging than simply blaming someone. You know few which genuinely pay attention to you and patiently listen to your tales. And there are some who have the knack to say something about anything and just keep bombarding you with their rants and ramblings, as if these do really matter.

You know people which have great passions and love for what they do (and that really inspires you). However, infrequently you are stuck with some others who do things as if their spirit is not completely in their body. You work with those who are exciting with all the challenges and on the other hand you also meet those who just drain your brain endlessly.

Everything is just like Hollywood stories. Someone finds salvation in everyone, another only pain. And life won't let you understand.

Five years. Time to move on.



P.S: This is my last official day at the university, though I still need to go back one more time for the final exam.


Unknown said...

Man, that was the most inspired thing I read today, maybe this week but I have been reading freakonomics.

Anonymous said...

Man, just FYI, this got aggregated on!!

Ariya Hidayat said...

@Anonymous: and your point is?

Huitzilo. said...

Thank you very, very much for these words! It was like reading my daily life.

And @anonymous: I read them on via PlanetKDE, and I'm very happy that I did so!