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Sunday, June 01, 2008

learning git the easy way: gitcasts

Think you have problem understanding git? Want to fast-forward your git skills? Just follow Scott Chacon's excellent and newbie-friendly GitCasts, a collection of screencasts on how to use git.


Anonymous said...

The link is broken, the right one is


Anonymous said...

Nice post, that was the little push I needed to start learning/using Git. Thanks for the tips.

Ian Monroe said...

I'm still that I'm a newb at git despite having used it for a year+ now. So thanks for the link. :)

Anonymous said...

So git is somewhat hard to understand - my conclusion is to use something else and I'm not advocating a particular alternative here. git is not that much faster than the competition anymore either.

Anonymous said...

This just proves people can't be bothered to read anymore. They need step-by-step videos to learn anything. Just like the iPhone jailbreaking instructions, it's everything on youtube instead of written in text.

Unknown said...

@first Anonymous: git *is* faster than everything else. The point is the speed difference doesn't really matter unless your project is as big as the Linux kernel.

I'm personally using mercurial. I used both mercurial and git, and mercurial felt easier to use; but I can't objectively say exactly why.

eda said...