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Sunday, June 22, 2008

midnight in Oslo

Taken today, half an hour past midnight, where the night lasts for only roughly 5 hours 10 minutes. And Oslo is only at 59° 56' North. I wish I would have gone further north.


Anonymous said...

I spended my midsummer day(night) here,+Oulu&ie=UTF8&ll=65.676381,25.466309&spn=3.794114,15.556641&z=6&iwloc=addr

Few hundred kilometers up and there is no sunset at all for a week or two. Now it was just little shimmer few hours on night

Anonymous said...

The googlemap URL was this

Anonymous said...

I went up here:

Sitting at 3 o'clock on the terass in full daylight drinking some (expensive) beers. But still I wished we had gone up further (hammerfest, Nordkapp,...)

or go in winter to see the northern light.

Tackat said...

I'm currently located in Tampere, Finland for the next two months. I also currently like the short nights as I'm not in the mood for stargazing atm.

Claes said...

Alternatively, you could have come two months earlier. There is already huge difference in when the sun sets, I think it gets dark quite early now.