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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

on CrossOver Chromium (a way for Chrome on Linux)

CrossOver Chromium is a nice and easy approach to run the famous Google Chrome browser under Linux (while waiting for the official Linux version and if you don't want to mess around with Wine). I tried it on my OpenSUSE machine, it works pretty well. There are minor glitches, like maximized window could not be restored anymore (because Chrome skips normal window management), a status bar that does not appear and disappear properly, the omnibox rendering problem, and similar other small annoyances. But all in all, for 11 days of work, it is an amazing achievement.

Checking its JavaScript performance using SunSpider, it is only up to 40% slower. However, it still feels smooth and fast. Definitely worth a try.

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Dan Kegel said...

I'm interested in that "maximized window can't be restored" problem; it doesn't seem to happen to me.;msg=40637 suggests that turning off desktop effects works around a similar or identical problem.

Can you describe the problem in more detail, tell us what version of OpenSUSE and what graphics card and driver you're using, and whether turning off desktop effects helps?