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Sunday, November 16, 2008

the sky will be my shroud, a monument of cloud

Things are still exciting as ever. In two weeks, I will be in Bali. Yes, I will be there for the Workshop on Open Source and Open Content (WOSOC) that is held in conjuction with IEEE Conference on Signal-Image Technology and Internet-based Systems.

Check out the full schedule, find the invited talk: Qt for Rapid Mobile Application Development, and enjoy some demos that I will premiere there. Update: the talk is actually one of the keynotes.

So, if you are around and want to have a snack or a chat, just let me know! Mail me at


Anonymous said...

That is surely one of the best song out of their lastest album :)

Unknown said...

That is indeed one hell of a topic you will be presenting. *look i got juice bumps! :)*
too bad I work far away from Bali.
Would you care to share the presentation (and demo) for download afterward?

Ariya Hidayat said...

@drfav: agree!

@azmi: Usually my presentation file is less useful if it is not accompanied by the talk. Demos will be placed (as usual) in Qt Labs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pak Ariya,

I'm interested in you paper at WOSOC2008.

Any chance of getting a conference version of your paper.

Thanks in advance.