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Monday, February 23, 2009

sweet potato vs steamed sponge cake

If you happen to visit Malang (East Java), do not skip the chance to visit Bakpao Telo right in Lawang, a small city just before Malang. The shopping complex is located conveniently on the main street, its enormous size makes it impossible to miss. What is unique there? A lot of assorted snacks (cakes, cookies, chips, and many more), made of highly-nutritious sweet potatoes, known here as ubi jalar or ketela rambat, often shortened to tela or telo, hence the name.

Needless to say, the following delicious steamed sponge cake (bolu kukus), which costs me a fortune (20 Eurocents or a quarter dollar), is my favorite.

bolu kukus


Pinheiro said...

haaaa food, send me some, that looked very tasty

elvis said...

gah! just came home from school hungry like a dog, and what do i find in my google reader if not pictures of delicious cakes! thanks!