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Thursday, March 12, 2009

I can see it's coming, like a serenade of sound

The initial version of WYSIWYG editor based on QtWebKit (see my post on Qt Labs for details) apparently works pretty well. There are rough edges here and there, something which need fixing, but overall I am quite happy. Live editing a web page opens a whole new possibilty. For an HTML-based help system, you can offer annotation feature, where the user can add his own note right inside the documentation (you may want enable editing on certain parts, not the whole document). You can make a note-taking system that copies something from the web (in HTML) and then the user can touch the content to adjust it to his need. Translate web pages easily, with all the formatting and whatnot intact, and without the need to scare the translators with raw HTML black magic. Any more useful examples?

Screenshots follow. Click on each image to enlarge.


Anonymous said...

KMail ?

Enderandrew said...

Will this be a kpart for other applications, or will it be a standalone app?

I think there is definitely room for a really basic editor to put out html. There are web-based products you can integrate into your site, but for people like my mother, I need something that can pass the grandma test to allow them to very easily output basic html. This would be perfect.

Does your project have a name?

Ariya Hidayat said...

Enderandrew: it is part of my collection of examples. Feel free to make it a KParts. For details, check Qt Labs.