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Monday, March 23, 2009

what you see is important, how you see it is even more

In case you miss it, Benjamin just added Google Suggest to Arora, within hours after I showed how to do it in Qt Labs. His BSD-licensed Google Suggest implementation is very lightweight, it is pretty trivial to integrate it to most common applications.

Screenshot follows (click to enlarge):


Anonymous said...

Arora is quite awesome already, but there are too many oxygen/kde4 specific bugs that are frankly too annoying (Loaction bar overlaps and the tabs are frakked). Also memory consumption is quite high, although that probably has more to do with QtWebkit.

Hope these issues get fixed someday :)

Elv13 said...

Ariya, you did not reply to my last email (about the WYSIWYG editor), can you do it please?