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Sunday, June 07, 2009

how to get Spotify running on OpenSUSE

Since there is no native Linux client yet, we have to use Spotify via Wine. On my OpenSUSE 11.1 (32-bit) machine, installing Wine (I got version 1.1.9) is as easy as:

sudo zypper install wine

Now, since I am using KDE 4 with PulseAudio, the step to configure Wine must be modified a bit (after Paul Betts' hint):

padsp winecfg

Then choose OSS Driver (not ALSA Driver) in the Audio tab. Follow the other steps, i.e. closing it, run winecfg again, choose the right settings for DirectSound.

After that, download Spotify for Windows. Open Dolphin, find the download file, click on it. Wine will be automatically launched and the installation will start. After a while, you can enjoy Spotify (even with systray integration).


sandsmark said...

despotify is a native linux client. Only for paying subscribers, though (unless you edit the source code). And only a (n?)curses interface.

Ariya Hidayat said...

despotify is not an official client and it is not useful for the free users.

Anonymous said...

"Free: Not available in your country yet" (Germany) and a proprietary closed source service I guess? For what is it good and why promote it on open source planets?

(Just to note: I like your off topic food entries, those are great. Ones like this, not so much.)

Ariya Hidayat said...

@Anonymous: depends on your POV, some sees it as a promotion of WINE (an open-source product)..

Zoran Ignjatovic said...

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Anonymous said...

Well, that's nice. I still don't even know what Spotify even is, and the first spam already appears on this bloog.