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Monday, June 29, 2009

ivory tower? I'd pick one of the anomalies of water

The Qt/S60 team continues to make some progresses. After Pyramid, Temple, and Garden, finally Tower came out of its cage. For a quick intro of what is inside Tower, check out the video. In particular, QtWebKit is included in this prerelease (yay!), thanks to the hard work of Simon, Norbert, Laszlo, Janne, Kristian, and other great hackers. My little contribution improves from only the basic engine behind the infamous Fluid Launcher (remember PictureFlow?) to a tech-demo QtWebKit-based web browser (created quickly in 1.5 days, cause I needed to rush to LinuxTag) dubbed Anomaly (Mobile). Once I am free again (now we're busy preparing for Akademy), I will put some more efforts to add more polishes to Anomaly Mobile. Imagine having visual bookmarks, flick support, Google suggest, optimized disk cache, double-tap-to-zoom, of course also smooth zooming in and out, snap scrolling, perhaps even night mode for your Nokia 5800, Nokia N97, and other Nokia touch devices, all implemented with Qt? /me just drools :-)


notagod said...

Why a new "browser"? Why not a rework of arora, maybe with DUI? :)

Ariya Hidayat said...

Try yourself to customize Arora to fit in mobile UI concept and come back again. Also, DUI is not available for 4.5.

Anonymous said...

Is the E75 supported? I just tried fluidlauncher on there but saw only the 'titlebar' and the bitmap of the previous app underneath. No reaction to any keypresses.