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Monday, June 01, 2009

traffic jams? no sweat!

Ronald and I were doing podcast whose topic is about programming and other related things. We tried not to dive too much into the technical details, though. Check out the first two episodes with me at

We will plan to have this on a regular basis. Who knows this becomes yet-another-Jeff-and-Joel clone? :-) Feedbacks are warmly welcomed.

Note: skip this if you don't understand Indonesian. There are tons of similar podcasts in English, so we pick our own lovely language!

Again, kudos to Ronald!


Akhmad Fathonih said...

Yayness! Do talk about KDE tech sometime. Nepomuk or Plasma are a good start :p

elvis said...

heh, i know only one indonesian word; terami kasih (ehum, or somesuch, probably spelled ass backwards ;)