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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

like a startling sign that fate had finally found me

What follows is a list of three Qt examples, designed with Qt/S60 in mind, but works fine on the desktop as well. Hopefully this will attract^Wprovoke more people to create, write, port apps to S60, especially since the Tower release makes our life much easier already.

For each example, the picture shows how it does look like both on an actual phone and on the desktop. The code is available from the usual Graphics Dojo repository. All of them runs on the desktop, too (of course). Afterall, they are just normal Qt/C++ programs. Thanks to my fellow Troll, dboddie, some of them are already available (or being converted as we speak) to PyQt, for all the Python fans out there. Also, screenshots are so prehistoric and we are the YouTube generation, so another fellow Troll, aportale, agreed to spend few minutes of his precious lifetime to play the Producer, Cameraman, Propman, Editor roles (all at the same time) and publish the Director's Cut versions of all videocasts mentioned here. Long live the Trolls!

Without further ado, here they are.

The first is the easiest one: flipping digital clock, where the digits flip as they change. There are probably tons of implementations out there (do we have one for KDE 4?), but if you are ever so curious to find out how useful QTransform could be, the check it out. For the lazy, watch the 23-second YouTube video.

Next is yet-another-weather tool. This time I relied on the unoffical Google Weather API. Nothing too fancy here, just a bit of SVG and Graphics View here and there, along with a bit of animation. The lazy side of you can go straight to stare at the 34-second demonstration videocast.

The last one is (just the next logical step to the second one): flight tracking tool. Based on, the video can be checked on YouTube, too. It looks a bit ugly and it's also pretty limited, but hey, dogfooding your own app on your phone is also not bad.

Now, who's next?


Bjoern said...


this looks really great. At the moment I'm looking for a new mobile phone so I wonder if I can already by Nokia phones whit Qt where I'm able to write/upload my own apps?

From the images I like the last one (which shows the flight tracking tool). Can you tell me the exact name of this exemplar and if I can buy it already with Qt?

Thanks a lot!

Ariya Hidayat said...

It's Nokia 5800. And if you read carefully, you find out that you need to install Tower first, see for details.

Kromain said...

Ariya strikes again !
Cool stuff dude ;)

Unknown said...

Cool stuff. Has anybody tried to run these very same examples in Qt for Maemo (4.1 or 5)?

VDVsx said...

On maemo:

Note: My Director's skills are far worst than Aportale's :)

globalwarming said...

nice post and good blog friend!!

Alexandra said...

I'll drop by on Tuesday and you make this clock appear on my mobile, will you? Pleeeeeeze? ;)